Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ben, Abby, Aaron, Drew,

I am including a link to a video.  It is long--51 minutes.  It covers a lot of subjects--youth ministry, Sunday Schools, family ministry, Biblical authority.  It is very provocative and I would say somewhat controversial.  Of course it promotes one point of view as the only correct one.  I know it would take a lot of time invested and you may not have it, but I would like to have a discussion with you about the issues raised in this video.

My first interest is your own reaction--you are great people of faith, how was this faith made possible?  What is the best way to reproduce what worked in your lives to become people of faith?  I am interested in what you experienced as valuable from me as a father and pastor and what I didn't provide--for the purpose of knowing how to counsel others.

Ben once said that he and Ab received more of their parents and Aaron and Drew got better parents.  All of you have given your hearts and lives to serve the Lord.  Ben and Ab have committed yourselves to personally providing your children's education and Aaron and Drew are not there yet.  Is the decision to home school making up for what you feel as a lack in your own personal experience as children or something else? 

Maybe this is just a late night flash for me, but our youth minister wants to discuss this with me--probably with a view to move in this direction some way.  Any comment would be interesting.  

I have put this in a blog so it would be easy to comment on.

The video is at the following address.


I love you all very, very much and obviously I'm very proud of all of you.